Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fact-Checking Simpson's Hysterical Attack Post -- Part 4

We finish fact-checking Simpson's attack post with this installment, beginning where we left off.  You will remember he falsely claimed that I thought there was something wrong with someon who protested sexual assault, when in fact, I was talking about women who demanded entry into the man's world of politics and then complained because they weren't treated like delicate snowflakes (i.e., complained about being "insulted).

He doubles down on his false claim with this: "That’s right … this controversy about advocating sexual assault is simply “nothing,” and the best proof comes from the sales of a book that is not Chastain’s (jealous, Chastain?). Let’s mock the outrage over such behavior as nothing more than make-pretend about “women’s delicate widdle feelings.”

One wonders how long he can keep up the pretense that I wasn't talking about something else, particularly since one would have to work (or lie) to misunderstand what I actually said in my graphic memes.

What else could you expect from someone who seems obsessed about false rape accusations? So … anger over language advocating sexual assault is nothing more than an act to placate “women’s delicate widdle feelings”? Really?

Actually, HE seems more obsessed with that than I do. I simply acknowledge that false rape accusations do happen. He apparently doesn't agree, meaning he doesn't care of a man's life is ruined, if he is wrongly arrested, jailed, tried, imprisoned... (see the Duke LaCross incident).  And, unlike myself, he seems unwilling to put forth the truly minor effort required to distinguish between being raped and not being raped.

(Yes … Chastain’s gone the fake-name route in crafting an alternative identity of “Polly Graff,” although it did not take her long to drop the pretense that it was her.)

There was no pretense involved. I acknowledged from the beginning that the new blog handle was me. What I find most interesting about this is Simpson's dirty double standard in complaining about anonymous internet handles of people he dislikes, but his not uttering a syllable of complaint over the fake names of people on his side.

We await Chastain’s efforts to identify which men engage in such talk. As her previous interaction has been with Republican politicians, Confederate heritage apologists, and false rape accusation protesters, we can’t wait to hear about her experiences about what is said in these locker rooms.

Actually, MY subject was political insults, as I made clear who uses them.

But don’t mistake Chastain for a feminist …

Note the wording: it’s not “pseudo-feministic women,” but “feministic pseudo-women.” Real women aren’t feminists: feminists are “pseudo-women.” And no, folks, that’s not a mistake … she says “pseudo-women” twice.

Yes, do not mistake me for a man-hater. Besides, feminists themselves are the ones who do not like to be identified as women, but prefer "feminist" and even go so far as to childishly change the spelling of "women" to "womym."

We await the usual retort from Virginia Whine Country that protesting lewd talk and endorsements of sexual assault are nothing more than exercises in political correctness from a leftist academic who’s attacking a political candidate … because, apparently, these things should not be attacked. They are nothing more than locker room talk, as if that’s an acceptable excuse.

Usual retort?  To my knowledge, this is the first time this subject has come up for discussion among heritage folks. And, once again, there are two subjects (Trump's locker room banter, and public political insults), and the Simpson's purposeful ignoring of that tells us about his alleged respect for the truth.

Finally, note who likes (and retweets) Chastain’s Twitter activity on behalf of sexual predators … Susan Hathaway. The fact is that Hathaway and her followers have politicized their movement in explicit ways by endoring Trump, not just as individuals, but as an organization:

Sorry, no, I didn't tweet on behalf of sexual predator Bill Clinton. Trump said he did not do any of the things he talked to Billy Bush about, and since then, a number of women have come forward to confirm that; while we've known for years that Bill Clinton is a rapist, but you won't hear Simpson acknowledging that; you can't smear heritage folks with it, so what use is it to him?

The heritage of hate continues. If anything, it’s grown, because it now includes people who protest sexual assault and the victimization of women not named Susan Hathaway.

No, what's continuing is the hatred for heritage and its supporters, which permeates Simpson's blog and the blogs of his fellow haters. And note, the true heritage of hate is that which ignores Bill Clinton's sexual assaults and rapes AND his enabler and the victimizer of his victims, the Democratic candidate for President.

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