Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fact-Checking Simpson's Hysterical Attack Post -- Part 2

Simpson starts: It’s not been a good week for Confederate heritage advocates. They are unhappy about what’s happened at the University of Mississippi where it appears that advocates of flying a Confederate flag have had a rough time telling the truth ....

Since Simpson doesn't know what's going on behind the scenes there, he can't know that what he's accusing is accurate (as if he cares about that). Sometimes the truth doesn't come out right away, which is why it's usually a good idea to wait for more information and developments before condemning anybody. But with Simpson and his ilk, reverence for the truth isn't much of  motivator, and they'll gladly sacrifice it to indulge their excessive need to wield the putdown. they suffer setback after setback.

LOL...  The story ain't over yet, so this week is hardly the be-all and end-all he'd love for it to be. It's going to be very interesting, possibly gratifying and a lot of fun, to see how things unfold in the future.

Now comes news that the favorite candidate of most Confederate heritage advocates, Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, is in serious trouble because of his crass and lewd remarks (and that’s kind) anout (sic) women, which most observers believe includes an endorsement of sexual assault.

This one of those times/instances it might be wiser to reserve judgment as the situation continues to unfold.

No word yet from Virginia Whine Country, which has been very protective of candidate Trump, about whether protests against sexual assault are simply new examples of political correctness, the target of many a mindless post that are little more than a clipping service of the alt-right.

Of course, Simpson looks and then sees only what he wants to see.  I'm not sure how he defines being "protective" of Trump. I saw no approval of sexual assault made in an attempt to cover for Trump, only calling attention to the media's double standard in attempting to make Trump's words more than shameful than Hillary Clinton's history of attacks on the victims of her husband's sexual predation.

Without a doubt, however, one need only look at what Virginia Flaggers spokesperson and webmaster Connie Chastain says about Trump to understand that some corners of Confederate heritage advocacy are also busily engaged in conducting a war on women. Like Trump, Chastain favors criminalizing the decision of women to have abortions:

And why not? Abortion is the taking of a human life. To say that protecting the lives of the unborn is a war on women is to devalue life itself. And as I noted in the previous blog entry, Simpson didn't even attempt to refute the points in my meme.

Even Trump has thought better of this, but Chastain has not.

Nope, I have not. I hold the same position on abortion that I have always held, and no presidential candidate can change it, because it is based on, and deeply rooted in, my Biblical religious beliefs, and is charged with eternal consequences.

And, just like our friend at Virginia Whine Country, Chastain decides it’s all the fault of the left and the media:

How did this man get to be a professor?  Don't you have to be reasonably smart to do that?  Notice that it was not the left and the media. As an aside, abortion as it exists in the United States today IS the fault of the left; they are the ones who pushed for the legalized murder of the unborn. But that's only indirectly connected to the second graphic meme.

The salutation simply establishes that the message of the meme is for the leftist news media, because they were huffing and puffing about how the tape was a killing blow to Trump's campaign, blah blah blah. No, it wasn't and the reason why is the message of the meme....

We'll conclude this entry with this bit of Simpson idiocy:

Note also that I guess that one can conclude that Trump’s past is irrelevant, but not so Clinton’s past … or that non-leftists don’t care about treating women with respect.

No, Trump's past is not irrelevant, but Simpson can, and probably will, conclude whatever he wants, even if it's wrong. My point, which he is certain to overlook, dismiss or lie about, is that what's in both Trump's past and Clinton's tells the tale about treating women with respect. Granted, his locker-room banter was petty disgusting but presumably there were no women around to hear it. Clinton's past, however, includes enabling her husband's sexual predation by attacking and intimidating his victims -- who are women, btw.

Of the two, Bill and Hillary's treatment of women far more resembles a war than anything Trump said (and he said at the debate that he didn't do any of the things he talked about on the tape). Moreover,  he apologized three times by different methods. As far as I know the Clintons haven't even acknowledged Bill's criminal and horrific treatment of women, and Hillary's "bimbo-eruption" attacks on those same women -- let alone issued an apology.

Leave it to Simpson to ignore the Clintons' past and present war on women... He shares their ideology, so he's happy to let them off the hook for things far worse than Trump has done.

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  1. Isn't it sad what old age and dementia leads to?
    At one time a few decades back Brooks Simpleton was an honored and well respected Civil War historian. But since his stock became a bit devalued in the last decade, he has turned his attention to hate blogging. Worse, his somewhat unhealthy association with and mean-spirited persona attacks on strong Southern women should be another sign of the onset of a mental disorder. That fact that he is also an internet stalker is also disturbing.