Monday, October 10, 2016

Fact-Checking Simpson's Hysterical Attack Post

So Simpson has gone off the deep end with an extraordinarily hysterical rant. It's a bunch of hooey, but it sure is fun. Still, it's chock full of lies, and refuting lies, even the fun ones and the dumb ones, is the purpose of this blog, so here we go... (Incidentally, this is gonna take several posts to cover -- there's lotsa lies -- so try not to get impatient.)

The falsehoods start right off -- with the subject:

 Connie Chastain’s War on Women … And Guess Who Supports Her?

First, there is no war on women -- mine or anybody else's -- in the United States. Women here are some of the richest, most coddled women on the planet. Do bad things happen to some women? Yes, and it's lamentable, but these are individual incidents; they are not some organized rightwing Republican aggression. No, there is no war on women here.  That is a deceitful term for the leftwing crusade to justify the grisly war on unborn children.

A meme I made seems to have had a powerful trigger effect
on Simpson, although he doesn't even attempt to refute it

When women in this country experience what women in, say, many Islamic countries must live with (and that may, indeed, happen here at some point) then they can claim there's a war on women in the USA. When they are stoned to death as punishment for being raped... when they have acid thrown in their face because their husband is displeased... when they are genitally mutilated as young girls ... when they are basically imprisoned in their families, their homes, their very clothes... then American women can say they are being warred upon.

But the struggle to save babies in the womb from being murdered is not a war on women, particularly when it is so simple, easy, quick and cheap to not get pregnant in the first place. So why don't more women do that? Because expecting them to not get pregnant in the first place is warring on women....

Whatever happened to I am woman, I am strong, hear me roar? Well, it morphed into I am woman, I am mollycoddled, hear me whinge. At least, that's what you'd conclude listening to the progressive left. In fact, women are strong and always have been.* And if there were a war on women, it is the strong, traditional women who would form an army to fight back; the delicate snowflakes feminism hath wrought are the ones who need government and the bureaucracy to protect and pamper them....

Lots more coming, folks. Next: a 153-word paragraph that contains five, maybe six fudges, half-truths and outright lies. Stay tuned

* Examples of strong women from my own family... One of my grandmothers went to work in a cotton mill when she was thirteen years old, and worked there until she retired. Along with that, she married, raised five daughters and buried one baby son when he was a few days old. My other grandmother was in labor at my grandfather's funeral; he and two couples and a young boy had been killed in a horrific car-train collision. She never remarried, but raised her five sons, including the posthumous baby, my father, alone; and lost her oldest in WWII. For almost sixty years, the family believed his plane had gone down in the Pacific, but in 2003, the plane with the remains of the crew was found in New Guinea, and he finally came home in 2011, thirty-nine years after his mother died... Women of that generation, and to an extent, the one following, shed tears of sorrow ... but they did not whine...

(Let's see how long it takes this to "inspire" Simpson to tear up the Internet doing my "genealogy," looking for some way to embarrass me. He has a track record of trying, though it didn't work)


  1. No one has to refute your meme, Roe v. Wade does that all on its own.

    1. Roe v. Wade does not refute my meme, it confirms it. Roe v. Wade is hugely responsible for the death-and-mutilation war on the innocent unborn.

    2. It refutes it because you think it is illegal...while Roe v. Wade legalizes the choice.

    3. The death-and-mutilation war on the unborn may be legal, but it is wrong, it is morally reprehensible.