Friday, September 23, 2016


The purpose of this blog is to fact-check and truth-check blogs, websites and social media posts that are hostile to Confederate heritage. Disagree with the heritage community about the civil war? That's fine, but there is a huge difference between disagreement and hostility that translates into lies, attacks, and slander.  Keep it civil and you probably won't find your comments taken apart here.   ~ Polly


  1. Nice try, KKKonnie. This is just a continuation of your lies now that you've been kicked off of Restoring the Honor.

    The flaggers are racists, liars, and failures. Susan Hathaway is a coward as well and so are you.

  2. Dimmy, you are a programmed leftist robot who can do nothing outside your programming. You can't have a new or original thought, can't comprehend it when someone else presents you with one.

    You are a racist, liar and failure -- that is why you call other people these names, to distract from the fact that you are exactly what you accuse others of being.

    My blogs, the VaFlaggers' blog, and other heritage blogs and social media cannot begin to approach the level of black-hearted snideness, the mountains of lies, the breathtaking hypocrisy and the hideous hatred, and the inciting to hatred, exhibited on hate blogs (including comment threads) like Simpson's XRoads, Levin's Civil War "Memory", Jacob's DeStroy the Honor, Andy's Dead Anti-Confederates and others.

    Despite your broken-record accusations, you've never identified a single lie from me, because I don't lie... and I have documented for YEARS the lies of Brooks Simpson and his sheer hatred of Susan Hathaway and the VaFlaggers. Your hatred of them is evident, too... you just don't possess Simpson's snot-slick glibness for expressing it....

    Dimmy, come back and hang around here long enough with your junior-high level composition skills, and I will take apart everything you say, lay bare your mean-spirited motives and show you to be the crappy person you really are.

    Have a nice day. :)